Following on from a successful debut collaboration, Mocha and Sibro joined forces once again to undertake a large-scale history education project designed to bring The Battle of the Somme into UK classrooms through virtual reality.

Working with renowned historian and broadcaster Peter Barton, over a 10-day we undertook a 10 day shoot in the Somme. We then produced over 30 individual pieces of 360 content, featuring stunning cinematic aerial flyovers and narrative elements expertly presented by Peter Barton in a wide variety of battlefield locations.

Working closely with Mocha, Peter quickly adapted to this new and unfamiliar approach to film-making and developed a level of engagement and on-screen presence crucial to the impact of the content.

Also critical to the emotional connection of the VR content, was the inclusion of an everyman – Private Parsons, a fully-uniformed First World War British soldier who appears in a number of the VR films – digging a trench outside Guillemont, manning a Regimental Aid Post at Redan Ridge, advancing on Lochnagar Crater, marching through Delville Wood, preparing to go over the top in Sunken Lane. Offering the viewer a sense of scale and context, Private Parsons became an emotive motif connecting UK school children with events on the Somme 100 years ago.

Back in the UK, the content was then worked upon, combining the processed footage with archive material and 360 motion graphics to create a number of distinct tour packages that will be delivered to the UK education market in the coming years.

We sourced stunning photographic and film content and integrated them into many of the VR films to enhance the viewer’s learning and breathe new life into 100 year-old archive with cutting edge modern technology.

The Battle of the Somme in Virtual Reality was officially launched at a major event in St.George’s Hall, Liverpool on 23rd March 2017.