Client: CrossCountry Trains

Director: Geraint Thomas

Link: CrossCountry Trains

CrossCountry Train’s employees are great at what they do, and the spirit in which they do it is something the business is rightly proud of. Somehow we needed to capture that and reflect it back to their 1700 people across the UK, while at the same time encouraging an emotional connection to the millions of customers the business serves every day – customers who many employees never get to see.

Our creative for this project centred around the romance of an impulsive railway journey from Plymouth to Edinburgh taken by a young woman desperate to be reunited with her long-distance partner. The sheer number of people involved in delivering that great journey was impressive enough (three separate train drivers cover that journey for a start), but we also wanted to feature other sub plots in the film which would show other types of train journey undertaken by different types of passenger for very different reasons, and in doing so creating a portrayal of the entire CrossCountry fleet and its UK routes.

The film is helping making a big impact across CrossCountry’s business and beyond, with Great Journeys picking up the Employer Brand Award at the Employee Engagement Awards 2014.

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