Client: University of Huddersfield

Director: Phil Halpin

Link: Full HHS film collection

We were commissioned to produce 13 x 60 second films for the University of Huddersfield’s School of Human and Health Sciences. They wanted to use the content to build personal connections between prospective students and academic staff, and generate excitement about the School’s facilities. The brief stipulated that they wanted something different from the standard ‘talking-head approach’.

This was great to hear, because we’re always keen to shake things up and try a different approach. We needed an idea that scrapped the traditional way of doing things but that would be practical for the shoot and hit the brief’s targets. The constraint of only having one minute to tell a story can often lead you into a fast-cut, soundbite-crammed edit that tries to cover too much ground. Instead of hacking the interviews into breathless barrages of facts, we tried to create a sense of space, authenticity and honesty. Untidy sentences. We left in hesitations, pauses and stumbles – giving a sense of reality to the voices.

We’re really happy with the results, and ultimately attribute the success of the films to the aspirations of the brief. When a client trusts you to make something special and gives you freedom to do it, then it becomes a collaboration. And that in the end is how great stuff is made.