Client: University of Hudderfield

Director: Geraint Thomas

Link: University of Huddersfield Youtube Channel

Wanting an exciting, imaginative piece of film to publicise forthcoming open days, The University of Huddersfield delivered a brief looking for something bold that would grab the attention of prospective students.

We delivered a script centring around time-travel chaos on campus, students glimpsing their future selves through shimmering portals and a finale where the stability of reality itself seems to hang in the balance. Genre tropes involving fixing broken timelines and righting past wrongs seemed ideal for a piece about people on the verge of life-changing decisions, and allowed us to take the bewildered, uncertain aspects of a prospective students’ thought process and paint them large on a grand, cosmic scale.

The shoot itself was a massive undertaking, a logistical head-scratcher and a great deal of fun involving extensive green-screen work, the building of a full-scale time-machine, a modest stunt and a cameo from Sir Patrick Stewart.

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