Client: University Of Liverpool

Director: James Riding

Link: FutureLearn

Dr Glenn Godenho teaches a course examining superpowers in the ancient Near East at the University of Liverpool. Keen to rouse the interest of prospective students he was on the lookout for a format capable of presenting dense, complex information in a dynamic, visually arresting way. The subject matter itself – though potentially dry on its surface – was rich with an inherent drama that Glenn wanted to underline for his audience.

Luckily for us Glenn was a bit of a find, and had fate not walked him down a path of academia he could easily be fronting high-end BBC4 documentaries and attending panel shows with Brian Cox. With this in mind we set up a shoot that allowed his presenting to speak for itself and then augmented his words with subtle motion graphics and design work that gave the footage the feel of a textbook brought to life. This highly stylised look married to Glenn’s energetic delivery teases narrative from archaeological artifacts, geographical data and even hieroglyphics, giving prospective students a tantalizing glimpse of what may lie in store for them.