Client: Liverpool City Council

Director: Geraint Thomas

Public Health Liverpool wanted to run a campaign aimed at getting parents of 0 – 2 year old children to make use of the appropriate NHS Service.

We worked with Park Lane Research to test some potential creative approaches and validate and add value to our delivery strategy. The insight we conducted completely informed our creative, editorial and strategic approach.

We created a film which would create a ‘spot, think & act’ moment for the target audience. ‘Spot the Emergency’ was designed to play well on social media, starting conversations and driving positive engagement with the ‘Examine Your Options’ brand. Sitting alongside the main ‘attention grabbing’ piece, we created series of ‘education’ films about specific conditions.

The main film attracted over 600k organic views on Facebook, 3.1k likes, 8.2k shares and 354 comments. The ‘education’ films have been widely shared, attracting over 75k views.