Client: BAE Systems

Director: Geraint Thomas

BAE Systems wanted to commission a piece of high impact film to mark the opening of their £16m Academy for Skills and Knowledge (ASK). The film needed to excite and engage a range of internal and external stakeholders. It was needed to open the launch event and to start a conversation on social media about the launch.

ASK is about equipping employees with the skills and knowledge they will need not only for the demands of the business today, but in 20 years time and beyond. The problem with this can be that ‘the future’ is intangible, abstract and hard to build an emotional response towards without first establishing a context to build upon.

We created a number of scenes depicting key moments in the company’s history where the skill, knowledge and committment of the workforce have delivered world-beating innovations. We then segued into the present day, using location footage of the new facility to paint an exciting picture of the future.

Over 24k views // 500 reactions // 339 shares //100 comments “The film exceeded expectations – despite a tight timeline and a few late requirements, the team were able to accommodate and still deliver on time. The creative input we received from Mocha at the start of the process, ended up defining the film in a way that stood out clearly from things we have done previously – and resulted in the film being the huge success that it was.” Tom Anstiss, BAE Systems Communications