The hidden talents of Film Production employees.

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Kate Prowse

Working at a film production company not only are you required to fulfil your designated role you sometimes have to step up and get in front of the camera.

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Although you can be lucky enough to capture the perfect shot of someone interacting with your subject in the intended way sometimes you have to improvise.

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It is possible to sweet talk members of the public to do this for you with the promise of tea and cake, but at times you have to get staff to move in front of the camera.

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Sometimes budgets are tight and you want to deliver the best possible product so you use your – now quite experienced – in-house bank of ‘actors’.

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The secret is they all quite enjoy it!

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Whether they are pictured next to heroes …

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…go back to the classroom

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…or deliver some lines in the middle of an Alien invasion,it is always pretty exciting being in front of the camera.

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They would be lying if they said it wasn’t. Sometimes even our families get involved.

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