So there it is, my Top Tips for camera ops.

There are plenty of other minor niggles, but those are the big ones. I’m not one of those editors who never goes out and shoots, and I’ve been guilty of all of the above. I end up cutting my own stuff and cursing it the same as anyone else’s. But if you keep in mind the points I’ve made, your ears won’t burn as much.

A good camera op, whether they can work an edit suite or not, is a good editor. They have a knowledge of what the edit will look like before the camera is out of the bag. They know what shots are needed for the edit and why, and then know how to get them.

So many can talk kit and lenses and what’s new on the market and how they used an Alexa last week and how they’re working on Panorama next week. So what. You never cut your own stuff. You never talk to the people who do and going through your rushes is like panning for gold instead of being in a jewellers like it should be.

Give me the dude that doesn’t know or care what kit they’re using, has never touched a Red Epic, who regularly cuts their own and other people’s stuff and who asks for feedback from editors wanting to improve.

I know it sounds like it but editors aren’t always complaining. When something is amazing, when we’re blown away, we shout about that too!

Just try your best to be that camera dude.

Cheers Stevo