5. Sequences.

Why are you here? What is the purpose of hitting record when the camera is pointing at a thing? Is it stills photography? No, it is moving pictures. Which is still not the same as moving stills.

Let me explain.

Having one moving picture of a thing is not enough. You need a few. No, lots.

Remember those storyboards you saw from Star Wars and Raiders? They weren’t just one frame of Luke in an X­-Wing then onto the next scene. Or one frame of Indy hanging off a cliff then cut to him looking at a pyramid. You had a shot of the exterior of the X-Wing for context, then cut to Luke inside, then maybe a POV, maybe a CU of his dashboard, maybe cut to R2 in the back.

You need to do the same thing. Forget that your viewfinder is attached to the camera, and that the picture it’s showing is of what’s in front of you. Imagine that viewfinder is a little telly and you’re sat with a producer and an editor and you’re watching your rushes back.

What shot would you expect to see? What would the next shot be? Are you panicking and wishing you could go back and do it better? Are you making excuses for every shot? Are you squirming in your seat as each new shot appears?

This future needn’t become a reality. You have the power.

Next week…My last Camera Op blog!