New stevo photo_4


We’ve all been there. There’s something happening in front of you so you think; DSLR, bang it on a rig, stick the 50 on, 50fps. Iris wide open.

Then you float about like a drunken butterfly with cataracts, sliding in and out of focus, drifting here and there but never staying on anything long enough to be of any use. This is beautiful for impressionistic montages with a plinky piano bed, but pretty rubbish for anything else.

Look at your gear and situation. Do you have a DSLR on a rig with a 50 on it, iris wide open? What, are you super hand held focus dude? No. So get your camera on the sticks and get it in focus.

If you are going to go handheld with a fifty, make sure you have a good depth of field.

If you are hunting around for focus, then you are making a stylistic decision. Ask yourself if you should be shooting like that for this kind of film.

If you are in a field of corn at magic hour, the answer is yes. Otherwise, stop being lazy.

It should be dictated by the job, not whether it’s the easiest thing for the camera op.

Next week will be my penultimate blog…Sequences.