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Yes, it’s that time of the week again when I, Stevo, drop some serious knowledge on how to make friends with an editor.

So here we go…

2. Give me enough.

You were filming a guy at his desk. You framed him in a mid shot looking at his screen. You rolled for eight seconds, you were steady for four and two were also in focus. That means I can use two seconds. Now unless this is a pretty pacy edit, two seconds is not enough.

You got an alternative angle, over the shoulder looking at the screen (which went the same way with the two useable seconds) and then moved on to a different subject. That’s four seconds of the computer guy.

Seriously, you think that’s going to work in the edit? Every time I have to cut up the guy’s interview I need to cut to your GVs (General views). EVERY TIME. Have you shot enough for that?

You shot the interview: what was he talking about? Shoot lots of the stuff that relates to what he was talking about.

When filming, your primary worry should be that you haven’t got enough. Hit record and when the camera has settled into the useable zone count to at least ten (slowly) before you press that button again. Then get the close up and do the same. Then the wide. Then the reverse. Then the alternative angle. Then the soft focus subject with the fern in the foreground. And then whatever other creative stuff you can think of.

Rinse each location and get as much relevant footage for interview subject matter as possible.


And that will make you the greatest camera op ever.

Nice one

Stevo x

Next week…’You’re in charge’