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Vinnie Moriarty Barron

Mocha employs a number of LJMU graduates- in fact Owen and Phil met and formed Mocha whilst completing their degree. So when your old lecturer approaches you asking if you can offer any work experience to their current undergraduates it is great to be able to ‘give something back’ and also give an opportunity to people in a situation that is a not too distant memory for yourself.

Regardless of this, when approached by LJMU about the WOW (World of Work) scheme we couldn’t help but be impressed. Not only are LJMU stressing the importance of gaining experience in your field they are also funding the students to do this. Work experience is an often overlooked part of your degree. The person who has put themselves out there and gained some experience in their chosen field will always stand out over a graduate that has not.

Offering yourself to a company for the Summer for free is great – but not a very viable option to students who already have fees to pay.

LJMU’s scheme offers us an intern for 4 weeks and the intern funding for taking part in the scheme, win-win. This Summer we have had two interns join the ranks at Mocha – Emily & Mike. Both have been a great help and have taken to any task that we have set them with confidence and a determination to deliver. Below Emily writes about her experience of working with Mocha – we haven’t paid her – honest *blush*

My Internship at Mocha

As a second year Media Production student at LJMU, I was introduced to the WoW scheme that helped us to gain some experience in the wonderful media industry. I heard about Mocha Productions through the University, they had attended an industry day and came in search of interns to help over the summer months along with other media related companies.

I liked the look of Mocha and the work they did, I’ve always been interested in local videos and films that really capture the culture of the city – you can see that in many of Mocha’s films. Their style and attitude for film making is tasteful, modern and fun. Looking in to them, they looked like a fun team to work with and that is exactly what they are.

Working with Mocha has given me so much more insight into how a professional production company works. My course at university gave me a decent understanding and knowledge for production but it doesn’t compare to realistic standards in the industry. You really need to just get stuck in to a company and just see how things work and suddenly you look at things in a whole new light.

The most important aspect in media production I’ve learnt here is teamwork – it has helped the fact that the team here are the most friendly and fun people I’ve met. It has made my experience here even more fantastic and enjoyable.

Whilst they didn’t let me near their stunning Red Epic Cinema camera, another big detail is the fact that Mocha also use DSLRs and not the Sony NX5 cameras the uni is teaching us to use. These are much more compact and portable and I feel that the video content has a much better aesthetic using the DSLRs. Gaining experience using the DSLR has been a valuable opportunity and I am hoping to purchase one to continue to develop my skills.

My job roles have varied each day, from editing video content, some graphic design, scheduling productions and I got stuck in at shoots running and operating the sound. I have enjoyed all of the tasks I have undertaken at Mocha – each one has taught me something new.

For me, my favourite project was for the FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) video. I know it’s a bit of a hard-hitting subject but it really interested me as it’s such an important issue to educate the public on. I was part of the research and post production for the project and it’s something that has really inspired me.

When I go back to uni in September for my final year I will have a whole new attitude to how I approach my work. Working here has definitely helped me for my future studies and film making. It has also motivated me to make more of my own work outside of uni.

Before coming to mocha I intended to gain experience in the media industry and discover whether it really is the path I want to take in life, whether I was actually cut out for this type of job and wasn’t just thinking optimistically. And has it done so? Yes definitely – I have enjoyed every bit of my experience here and looked forward to coming here every day. It is the type of job I want – when you don’t actually think of your job as work and see it as something fun, interesting and with purpose.

Emily enjoys a hard-earned, post-shoot ice cream with Owen and Wallo.

Emily enjoys a hard-earned, post-shoot ice cream with Owen and Wallo.