2013 was a year of change for me and for Mocha too we both lost, gained and moved in the space of a few months!


My first full year out of university and in full time work started at the old Mocha Towers on Rodney St as me and Kate desperately tried to pack up the previous 12 years of Mocha’s life! With the move we also lost the genius that is Geriant Thomas to the world of traveling and wonder.


G's last day at Mocha

G’s last day at Mocha

It was a long process but before we knew it we were official residents of Elevator Studios and it was back to business as usual with our newest recruit Joe Morgan.


I’ve been involved in so many films this year I can’t possibly mention all of them but I think some of the real ‘Markers’ for me were;


The Conversation‘ a three-part promo for the University of Huddersfield, was the first big job of the year for me. With an ever changing script, that was over numerous locations and days, it wasn’t the easiest shoot to schedule. This is when I fell in love with sticky notes! After a lot of discussions and rearranging the kit, crew and talent was booked and off we all went for a hard week of graft in Huddersfield.


I couldn’t believe how quickly the shoot went and how all those hours pawing over sticky notes had completely paid off. This was an ambitious shoot, even for Mocha but the cast and crew made it a lot of fun to work on!


The promo we made for St Hilda’s CE School was a personal highlight for me, even though it wasn’t the biggest, it was the first job I took on the full Producer role and I really enjoyed throwing myself into a project with Joe, Wallo and Matty that turned out looking incredible!


Trojan Horse‘ for the Rugby League Round 25 State of Mind takeover. This project felt like it came out of nowhere really! Me, Joe and Owen sat down and went through some ideas…and the ‘Trojan Horse’ was born. I love a location challenge and when I looked at the script I knew this would be one. Me and Owen had a search around for a steel workshop (suitable to film in) and the engine room for our ‘horse’. We found the Edmund Gardener Pilot ship and a suitable steel workshop that would allowed us to film…next challenge; get a load of professional rugby players in one place and into the smallest engine room I’ve ever seen!

Despite the apparent randomness of this idea, the final piece is really cool and with the help of a green-screen and some awesome sound design it looks ace.


Vinnie & Eorl on set. State of Mind Trojan

Vinnie & Eorl on set. State of Mind Trojan

I think one of the biggest on-going projects that stands out this year has to be the National Museums of Liverpool shoots. I’ve been co-ordinator on all of them and enjoyed every second of it! The series of films that we’ve produced look beautiful and are something I’m really really proud of…I also really love the fact that almost everyone from Mocha makes at least one cameo appearance in them!!


For me this year has been about growth. I know it sounds really lame but I have learnt a stupid amount this year and, as the youngest Mocha member I feel like I’ve really developed as a Producer, Production Co-ordinator and Editor.


I have no idea what Mocha has in store for me next year but I know I’ll be doing all of it with the support and laughs from a truly amazing group of people so roll on 2014!!


Vinnie Moriarty Barron

Vinnie Moriarty Barron