Production to broadcast and the panic in between.

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Vinnie Moriarty Barron

This evening I shall be waiting with baited breath to watch ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!’

Is this because I love to watch ‘celebrities’ in uncomfortable social situations, because I enjoy watching half naked people showering, or grown men and women eat kangaroo anuses? Well apart from all of the above, and of course my childhood crush on Declan Donnelly that never really went away, what I really will be waiting for is the adverts.

In fact one advert in particular – I will be on tender hooks awaiting the airing of New State Entertainment’s – Pacha Original House Anthems.

This advert is a Mocha Production – will I be thrilled to see something that we have produced on the TV, well yes but the real reason that I will punch the air and feel a massive sense of satisfaction is because I did it – the ad is on the TV – I completed all of the administrative stages to get it there- and I did them right!!

The week preceding an advert being on TV is a time when I always have a massive knot in my tummy. With every email sent, or upload to Clearcast, a little part of my sanity recedes. I will go as far as to say I am stressed out and probably a bit of a pain in the bum to those around me!

It’s not that the process is a hard one or that you have to jump through hoops to get it there – more the fact that so much rides on it. If I do one thing wrong or don’t get all the information to everyone who needs it then what would happen? Thankfully I’ve never found out!

So a brief outline of what the process is; once the client is happy with the advert – a process in itself – you have to show it to Clearcast for approval.
Clearcast ensure that the advert complies with BCAP codes.

In fact Clearcast have made the process as easy and painless as they can – you submit to them the script, the ad itself of course, any substantiations, music licensing information and they watch it and say ‘yes that’s fine’ or ‘no you need to change this, can you substantiate this claim?’ You have a contact there that will always deal with your ads, you can contact them, their assistants and anyone else you need to – they are very helpful and always get back to you as soon as they can. They have ad screenings morning and afternoon – you know when your ad is being watched as you can look it up on their comprehensive tracking system. Clearcast themselves have made this process simple, easy and transparent.

This doesn’t help with the sense of panic that sets in when your ad goes in. What if there’s something wrong, what if it doesn’t pass the Harding Test (a test for epilepsy ‘flashing’), is the script descriptive enough, did I complete the form correctly? Even if you are well ahead of the game with this process then the weight that positions itself firmly on your shoulders at this point can feel debilitating!

Then you receive Clearcast’s feedback – sometimes a request for some information, some minor changes, mainly a green light that your ad is approved!
Yay! A small part of the weight is released.

Now you have to send it to all of the channels that will be showing it – and tell them when and where they should show it.
This is the part that fills me with the most dread – what if it doesn’t get there, what if I send the wrong thing to the wrong person and ask for it to be shown at the wrong time? Of course this wouldn’t happen – they know what should be shown when, you are merely getting it to them and confirming what they already know and if you get it wrong they will soon let you know!

So you send the ad to DGit and they distribute it to the relevant TV channels – this part needs to be correct as they will not let anyone have the ad without your say so – but you are covered because if the channel doesn’t have it they will ask them for it – and DGit will clear it with you that it’s ok and you say yes – and that’s that!

Basically it is a case of getting all of the correct information to the right people at the right time – and if you do make a mistake then someone somewhere will notice and ask you for it.

I’m not selling this as the stress-inducing process I am claiming it to be am I? But regardless of the ease of the process – that is a credit to Clearcast and DGit – the nerves involved with getting everything in place so that the ad that your client has no doubt paid a lot of money to be played on the right channel at the right time are substantial.

So tonight when I see the Pacha ad light up my screen (and a brilliant ad it is – check it out) the final part of the weight that has been laid on my shoulders since the beginning of this process will evaporate and I will relax – until next time!

Click here to watch the ad!