Soz lads,

I’ve been proper slack at blogging, but been well busy graftin down south on summat, and internet were well slow. Back in Liverpool waiting for a render, so got to blog about Mocha, let you lads know where it’s at.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 13.15.02

Coming back from the south

Biggest thing to tell is that we bought a RED Epic. The lads been getting well excited, shoots 5k and up to 300 frames a second, but not at the same time… or something like that. Rido and Wallo getting well into all tech and that. Rido told everyone not to be scared coz it’s just like a beefy DSLR. Same camera they filmed Prometheus, The Hobbit and The Great Gatsby with so reckon it must be pretty mint.

Done a few films for National Museums Liverpool. Filmed Lady Lever, Museum of Liverpool & World Museum so far. Mocha posse well get in on the walk-through action, proper funny seeing Steve-o, Wallo, Vinnie, Kate and family in a vid. Owen was in it too, but he’s in everything, so that’s less funny. Two of the films are already live:

Museum of Liverpool:

Lady Lever:

Don’t know if you like us on Twitter (@mochatv) , if you do, you’ll probably know that we did a film for State of Mind called Team Trojan,. The idea was that ‘State of Mind’ takes over Round 25 of Super League inside a massive Trojan horse. Took us three weeks from idea to delivery, we filmed it on our RED.

You can see the film here:

Me mate Rob made a cracking behind the scenes vid too.

Ta Rob lad;

August was fair dead, but used downtime to get some creative projects off ground…and go for a few trips to the park like. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 13.16.08

Park chilling

We’re working with Matt Dolan on well cool thing called ‘Maps of Stories’. Also doing a music video and a 10 minute short. That’s part of why the lads bought the RED. They want to make some proper nice high end stuff just for the crack, but high end always costs dollars. Now we own a RED we got no excuses…

Got a few pitches in at moment, but can’t talk about them in case they don’t happen, and it makes us look proper soft lads for shouting about how many chickens we have before they’ve hatched.

Render finished now, so best get off.

Ta lads