Alright lads,

Been a knackering week so far, been doing loads of renders, edits and grades. The lads took a few photos of me grafting, so I stuck them on here for you.

Gradin' like pro

Me (grading ‘The Conversation’).

Mainly been working on The Conversation for Uni of Huddersfield. Did a sound mix, some comping and a grade. It’s fair funny. Saw a ‘making of’ film about it by them lads at Pictures & Noise in Huddersfield. Good lads them Picture & Noise lads. Episode One of The Conversation is already out,Episode Two launches shortly. You can follow it here:

Editin' an that

Me (doing audio mix on ‘The Conversation’).

Been doing a fair few other things an’ all. Did an edit for the launch of Liverpool International Music Week. It were a mental track, like classical dubstep. It were archive footage and a few graphics. Most of the modern stuff was ours, but I had to call in a favour from me mates at BBC News North West for loads of old school stuff of 2008 itself. Proper good lads. Well sorted us out. Cheers lads:

Launched our ad for ‘Pacha 40’ the other week. Notice it’s no longer at number one this week, but then, the ad has stopped running now… sooo.  Some good tunes on that one. Kate said it was her favourite of all the
compilations we’ve done ad’s for. Which is a lot. Big up to Tim, Tom and Darren at New State Entertainment – top lads them lot:

Mocha's top DOP



Me (DoP on a commerical).

Doing a few other things this week too, working with Citrus Suites on an iPad training ap for Pharma Marketing Academy. Doing pre-prod on a big film for Liverpool Vision to do with IFB2014, some films for University of Liverpool Online, and pre prod on a film for the Disclosure & Barring Service. Cheers lads – we’re on it. Got a few things coming up toward the end of the week and early next. Doing pre prod on a music video for the Shook Ups and another TV ad for New State.


Jus' chillin

Me (well knackered after writing blog).

Loads of other stuff to chat about but best be going lads, got loads of renders and that to do and could do with a kip before I do them.
Ta lads
Midnight (Mocha’s office dog)