Vaguely early on bank holiday Sunday 3 friends embarked on a project that would test their skill, patience and friendship…Stine’s final year uni project.

Stine, 3rd year LIPA design student, needed a piece for her final year show that showed off what she does best…awesome sets! After a lot of different ideas from music videos to short films due to time constants we decided we needed to keep it simple but bloody effective.  Rob (house mate/cameraman/editor) has become pretty obsessed with timelapses at the moment so we thought it would be pretty cool to try and show someone’s life, through a set, in a timelapse or something to that effect.

So we sat around with a few beers and talked about who this character was. We knew we didn’t want to ever see the character in the film itself but we wanted to try and span his full life from birth to death. After a few more beers we nailed who this character was, what we wanted to show of his life and that it would be more of a large scale stop frame animation.

Henry; born in the 1960’s, pretty normal up bringing, teenage years he was into music and played the guitar, goes to uni meets his girlfriend which later turns into his wife etc decided it would be the best idea to do this all as a stop frame film…thinking it couldn’t possibly take that long to do it…how wrong we were!

Watch the finished film here: